Being offline

Vera Futorjanski
2 min readApr 14, 2020

I just came back online after being offline for over 60 hours. And wow it felt so good to be offline, to cut out the noise, the constant distractions and swipes and scrollings and sounds. And I even got so much done in those 2,5 days.

But it really isn’t so much about doing. It’s more allowing the being. Being comfortable with the silence and the uncertainty. And grow from that. Adapt and evolve and pivot if necessary.

Like Eckart Tolle says, being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you. If you are in an unsettled state you can’t hear the messages from your higher self.

In those 2,5 days I found more to myself, to my core essence. And I plan to take those offline days more often going forward. And I highly recommend you do too. I have done it before in settings such as Bali or India, and surely some of you have as well. But doing it from our homes, our work environment so to speak, is a whole different story!

So what did I do? I have mediated a lot. Done a lot of yoga (especially kundalini yoga). Have read. A lot. Got an inspiration for a book. Painted. Took naps. Worked on the structure for my business. Developed a deck for my 1st big project. And reflected on things. Without distractions. Without picking up the phone once reflecting becomes difficult or uncomfortable. No, you don’t distract yourself. You don’t operate on other peoples agenda. You have your own life.

I leave you with this message from Deepak Chopra — “You become what you expect in your heart.” Create your ideal future friends! 💕🌸

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Vera Futorjanski

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