Rest to be successful

Get the concept of having constantly be working to be successful out of your head!

You don’t have to be spending 12 hours at your laptop every day to succeed. More important is to be fully present in whatever it is that you are doing. Some people used to be proud (some still are) to say they worked a 100+ hours week. But why be proud of it?! Most of that time is being spent sitting at the computer being unproductive. You just cannot have mental clarity the whole time.

The knowledge workers nowadays need creative phases to reenergize. I strongly believe in the concept of working like a lion — to sprint as hard as you can while you work, and then to rest. And not feeling guilty about resting. Taking (long) breaks if needed to be inspired again. But once you are working it’s a sprint again. Reassess and then try again. You end up building a marathon of sprints (Naval).

And while you are resting between your sprints, embrace the concept that resting and reflecting are essential parts towards a successful and happy life.

This post is not to encourage you to work less. I work a lot and hard too but I actively take breaks (even add blocks in my calendar). This post is to encourage you to be present in whatever it is you do and to not feel guilty when resting (speaking from experience)

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Vera Futorjanski

CEO VeritasVentures Ex @500startups @DubaiFuture @RocketBerlin Founder of a startup / Global Ambassador @vitalvoices / Innovation Expert @WEF and @UN