The last 2 weeks / broken toe / listening to the universe

Vera Futorjanski
2 min readMay 28, 2021

In case you were wondering why I had been so quiet lately, it’s because I broke my toe and got very sick on top of that. No, not Covid, the test came back negative. Twice. But I have not been so sick in years. Still recovering.

Toe will be out of order for another 3 weeks. Which means no dancing, no ballet classes, no volleyball, no gym. Things I used to do on a weekly basis.

I had recently posted (on Instagram) after people asked me how do I motivate myself to stay active — I said that it’s the staying active that keeps me motivated for everything else in life. And keeps me mentally healthy. Well, the next weeks I need to find sth else to stay mentally healthy 😅

And also the universe clearly told me to calm down so the last 2 weeks I spent a lot of time on my own only between my home and the restaurant downstairs (separate post about that later).

Am very grateful for the friends I have here in Dubai, who are my family away from home. It’s lonely to be sick where you don’t have family as many of you who live alone away from family surely know as well. And I am so grateful for my family who have been so supportive from far 🙏🏼

Here is a shout out to all you amazing 3rd culture kids out there living on your own creating an impact! You are supported and loved ❤️

Moral of the story:

  1. Try not to break your toes or get sick if you can avoid it 😅
  2. 2. Focus on the good / what you have / people who are there for you and not on what you don’t have / people who you hoped would be there.

Stay healthy, friends! It’s the most important. Stay healthy and live longer 💪🏼💚

PS: Before I get messages asking me how I broke my toes, let me tell you: I am afraid there is no great story to it. (Some people told me I should come up with one. Let me know your suggestions). But yeah basically, I just slipped and hit my foot against a heavy wooden armchair. While dogsitting a friends dog. Life happens. And when it rains it pours as they say ⛈

But all good now! Slowly recovering 🦄🌈



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