Vera Futorjanski
2 min readFeb 9, 2021

UAE Mars Probe “Hope” — Mission Accomplished

It’s a historic day for the UAE and the whole Arab world!

The probe, aptly called “Hope”, reached the orbit of Mars today (just about an hour ago), making the UAE the 5th country to ever reach such an impressive milestone. This was an effort of the last 6 years of 450 people from different countries (200 of them Emiratis) working together to make it happen. Led by a woman — Sara Al Amiri (whom I had the pleasure to meet 4 years ago).

I remember writing a speech for my CEO during my Dubai Future Foundation days (Dubai Government) in which I suggested that we should work on changing the narrative of how the Arab world is seen on TV. Usually it’s about conflicts, terrorism and refugees. It’s time that changes. So today I was filled with joy (which I shared during a talk on Clubhouse too) of seeing the historic moment broadcasted live on BBC while at the same time watching the Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world standing proudly in downtown Dubai, and which I am lucky to see from my apartment) light up in celebration.

Go UAE. Impossible is Possible. 🇦🇪🚀💫

Yalla, let’s make more amazing things happen!

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